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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 09:45am on 27/04/2017 under , ,
it's been a weird week. This time last week the vet was putting down our beloved staffiexpittie girl, Pudge.

I got Pudge as a fat little grunting puppy when i was pregnant with Noa. That was over 14 years ago, and i was living in a ground floor flat in Sea Point (Cape Town), where my neighbours grew different strains of weed in the apartment gardens. Good times.

We used to walk her along the Sea Point promenade, and lmty, if ever you want to have the ultimate pick-up weapon: puppies. Just. Puppies. Complete strangers suddenly want to stop and talk to you just for the chance to play with your puppy.

She moved with us through (I think) around ten houses. that included two long car journeys - once from cape Town to jo'burg, and once back. She bore this with patience and her wonderful good nature. Cape Town was good for her - no thunder, and long walks on the riverfront and beach and sometimes up the mountains, but slowly our walks grew shorter, and half the time she had no idea where we were. her eyesight was going along with her hearing, and she was weaker all the time.

When we left for Scotland, i knew it would be the last time I saw her. She was far too old to risk a long oceanic flight, and she spent the last of her days in her old house, looked after by my mother and sister (who lived with us). I got to Skype her before she went, and she was barely the dog I remember. All her strength gone, she looked like she had no idea where she was, and she could no longer stand. She had a good life, but keeping her longer was cruel.

Logic doesn't make heartbreak easier, though, does it?


I am almost 14 so I am allowed to sleep all day on a chair meant for humans because the 2 legs have given up the fight

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The next day was the introduction of a new life into our house. Please welcome, Small Furry Son, Murphy, who is all tiggery and chirrupy and sweet but also has a shoe fetish...


I have missed the chirruping purrs of a happy cat. #happiness

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Another thing that happened was I finally got off my arse and made the attempt to mission into Edinburgh at night to find the beginner aikido class there. I definitely left it too long - my body and mind are blank slates again :D But wow, did it feel good to be there. I could kick myself for not going sooner.

My body could kick me too, as it felt a bit like it had been run over by a steamroller. I haven't fallen down in a year, basically. my body was like...whoah crap! hahaha FALLING IS FUN. FALL MORE. FALL GRACEFULLY. JUST FALL.

(ps if anyone can tell me why my instagram pics don't show in dreamwidth, and how to fix that, I would be a grateful cat)

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posted by [personal profile] claidheamhmor at 01:37pm on 27/04/2017
{{{hugs}}} So sorry about Pudge.

Beats me why some pics won't show; I use shared albums from Google Photos.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 07:18pm on 29/04/2017
ugh so frustrating. :(

Thanks, being a pet-parent can be so heartbreaking sometimes. :)
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posted by [personal profile] donut_donut at 06:14pm on 27/04/2017
what a beautiful eulogy for pudge -- made me tear up. such a good dog.

I just tried to embed from instagram and ran into the same problem as you. no idea.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 07:20pm on 29/04/2017
Yeah, I hate thinking about the dead, which is why I don't often write about them, but I needed to say something for my poor wee lass.

grrrrr re: instagram.


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