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It's a dreich Monday, but despite the grey and gloom, I have cleaned the lounge carpet, done laundry, some beta reading, so proper reading, and managed another 1000 words on the WiP. 1000 seems to be my sweet spot, so if I could just focus on daily writing, I can finish this draft pretty soonish.

I know I did plan to finish it for April but eh well, progress is progress.

Yesterday I went for a run with Lynn from the school and two of her running buddies. We did a 5km through Pattiesmuir and the graveyard and woods. It was really beautiful. Fife farmlands are stunning; there are fields of electric yellow flowers in bloom at the moment. No idea what they are. They look a little like when cabbage goes to seed? Uh, a farmer I am not hahaha.

After that I headed to Edinburgh for the Robin Hobb signing. It was meant to start at 12:30, and I got there at 11:30 and a queue was already forming so I grabbed a copy and got in line. Good thing too, as they actually ran out of copies before 12. I was going to buy 2 copies (one for me and one for Nerine) but the book was £25! and I need to pay for aikido and skating and guides and life.... :P

So I just got Nerine a copy. It's the third book in a series that I haven't read yet, though I did enjoy her Liveship Traders books muchly, but people looked at me funny for saying that. I have so many books on my TBR pile, and I am so behind in all things readerly. My biggest fear is I'm going to die before I read everything. ;)

 The 5-minute-queue friends were pretty cool - Some arty Welsh girls who were art and lit students, and behind me an adorable couple who drove up from Newcastle for the signing, and stayed overnight in a hotel. Robin Hobb fans are DEDICATED, yo. She is charming and lovely, and ended up signing for 2 + hours instead of the 1 hour she was booked for. She also very kindly listened when I explained the book was a for a huge South African fan of hers who was also a writer, and if she could just write a message to keep writing (if possible) that it would be so appreciated.

After that, I recognised writer Laura Lam, whose book Pantomime I really enjoyed (still need to read the rest of the series though, cause I am a slacker of note). We had tea in the Waterstones coffee shop and a bit of a natter over The State Of Publishing, and I bought her newest book False Hearts and got it signed. Bizarre and random connection is that False Hearts is blurbed by Sarah Lotz, who is a fabulous writer human person, and also one of the most prolific people I know. I want her dedication to work when I grow up.

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posted by [personal profile] donut_donut at 06:10pm on 01/05/2017
whoa, that's amazing! I doubt I would recognize even some of my favorite writers... I have no idea what they look like, lol. How brave of you to approach her!
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 06:20pm on 01/05/2017
Hee! It wasn't completely ramdom. She used to be on absolutewrite, we have a mutual friend, and I've met her at an event (very briefly) before. So I said I'd look out for her.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 06:21pm on 01/05/2017
*cough* random, even
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posted by [personal profile] donut_donut at 06:24pm on 01/05/2017
how nice to have a bit of an IRL writing community, though. I miss that.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 06:27pm on 01/05/2017
well, I'm not *quite* there yet. this is part of my "trying to get to know the local Edinburgh crew so I can meet other genre writers in the area" mission. It's one of the reasons I go to the Event Horizon nights (besides the music, poetry and readings and beer ;) ) so that I can start slowly making connections with other writers.

At the moment I still feel pretty isolated. I left behind a writing community that had taken me years to become a part of.

Writing might be a solitary activity but it really does help to be able to hang out with some like-minded people every now and again - people who understand when we whinge hahaha


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