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I did not run this weekend, but I feel good about that because my right knee (the one that always fucks out) was giving me pain all through Saturday, until eventually i took painkillers to get to sleep that night.

The new library in Dunfermline, which we went to go see, looks pretty amazing, and they've really done a wonderful job of old meeting new, with the old buildings joined by glass and modern extensions, and the history of Dunfermline both trade (looms, silk spinners, miner's lamps etc,) and modern life (Nazareth, advertising, scooters and other items of the recent past) sitting shoulder to shoulder. One of the cool things is the recorded interviews you can listen to, which really gives a warmth to the voices of the past.

Despite technically not being there to take out books, I still ended up grabbing Charlie Jane Ander's All the Birds of the Sky (which ended up winning a Nebula later that evening), Alex Bledsoe's The Hum and the Shiver, and Emma Bull's War for the Oaks. So a pretty neat haul. Also the SF section looked like it had almost every Culture novel, so I may do a massive reread of North Queensferry's most famous.

Here's Younger Spawn in the renovated library garden, with Dunfermline Abbey looming behind. You can see the esplaniered trees on their stakes there in the background. YS is standing in what is currently a very small labyrinth. I really hope they grow the hedges a bit taller, as i do love the peace of walking though one.

Every time I think about where i live now, i am awed by the history and beauty. i still miss South Africa badly, but I appreciate the wonder I have here too.

Younger Spawn in Dunfermline

Today I got told I'm moving up a grade at skating, which is cool, but set the YS off in tears as she wants me to stay with her. I actually think me not being in her class will be better for her and give her more confidence, but she does not see it that way. Ah well, hopefully she'll adjust to the idea by next week. We still do warm-up and after-class together so, she doesn't have to feel totally alone.

I've been purposefully meditating for the past week and I really feel like the combo of meds and meditating is giving me a lot of peace I needed in my life. Part of it is that I can just let go of stupid and not let it affect me. Letting other people bug me is my choice, and I'm never going to change them, so why get frustrated by it? This is a little easier to ruminate on than put into practice, but I shall try!

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posted by [personal profile] donut_donut at 05:33pm on 21/05/2017
Part of it is that I can just let go of stupid and not let it affect me. Letting other people bug me is my choice, and I'm never going to change them, so why get frustrated by it?

cheers to this. I do feel like I've gotten a lot better at taking a deep breath and telling myself, "it's not my job to educate the world". and moving on to something more pleasant.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 05:38pm on 21/05/2017
well as I say, easier said than done, and I know I'm far from perfect myself, but that's part of what's fueling this - I need to sort my own shit out before i take it upon myself to sort out other people's.
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posted by [personal profile] claidheamhmor at 09:22am on 22/05/2017
It's just so beautiful there. And I love your pics.
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posted by [personal profile] cat_hellisen at 01:36pm on 22/05/2017
thank you!


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